Республика Саха (Якутия), г. Якутск, ул. Орджоникидзе, 17, офис 206
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02. Спутниковые телефоны Iridium — 3. Зарядные устройства

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Eatons a big part of citys identity AFTER coming to Canada from the a society which takes the preservation of its built heritage the issue about whether old buildings are worth preserving is something most Euro who have an interest or pride in their take f 9r As a child over in Winnipeg to visit my one of the highlights of being in Canada was to wander around the many floors of the Eatons department store on Portage Avenue and marvel at the sheer scale of the To the Eatons building today still represents a large part of the character of downtown Winnipeg as well as being an attractive build ing in its own with its stately facade and imposing To consider tearing it down in order for a modern office [url=https://www.bestbrides.net/signs-that-vietnamese-women-like-you/]how to tell a woman likes you[/url] block to be erected in its place is to me like suggesting that London should tear down Harrods or Selfridges for the same there are planning con trols in place in London and many other European cities to prevent that unthinkable scenario from ever becoming a Today I also learned that Winnipegs oldest house at Point Douglas is under a similar Demolishing this building may indeed be an expedient and costeffective but when it and others like it are they are gone for good and Winnipeg will have lost the identity that makes it such a unique place to live and Winnipeg Racism argument onesided In a letter published by the Winnipeg Free John Teitsma of Winnipeg decries racism in the justice system because a sentence was reduced by 30 months fer an aboriginal man in Toron Teitsma writes our skw or cultural background makes us no Unfortunately Teitsma is Skin colour does make a difference in Canadian courts and it has for some In the Supreme Court of Cana da reviewed information from the 1996 Statistics Canada Census Report and the conclusion was abundantly Racism exists in the Canadian court The information so shocked the Supreme Court of Canada justices that they took an extremely unusual they came to Winnipeg and made a public They appealed to Canadian judges to stop putting so many aboriginal people in jail and gen erally to reduce the overly lengthy sentences of aboriginal of qualified that to mean on a casebybase Manitoba courts were singled out by the Supreme Court of Canada justices for systemic This was not based on hearsay or lack of A native woman in Manitoba is 131 times more likely to go to jail than a white even when there is only one Criminal Code of sentencing province by province is not The average jail time nationally is 43 yet in Manitoba the average jail time is 115 and guess which race gets the most jail time A decade after three years and millions of dollars of the Report of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba found Aboriginal detainees have a 21 per cent chance of being granted while nonaborigi nal detainees have a 56 per cent Still 61 per cent of peo ple in jail in Manitoba are first nations people yet we are only 12 per cent of the Like I also hate racism in the Teitsma writes the reduced sentence goes completely against our antiracism stance I have never seen or heard of Teitsma or anybody else in Manitoba writing angrily about a particularly racist case in Manitoba In Man the Manitoba Warriors are denied bail because of the colour of their White people charged with the same section of the Criminal Code were granted bail within six hours of their AJJ concluded 10 years ago Cana das treatment of its first citizens has PHIL H088ACK WINNIPEG FREE PRESS The Eatons downtown store has become part of the citys a reader been an international To fail to take every step to redress this lin gering injustice will continue to bring tragedy and suffering to aboriginal people and to blacken our countrys name throughout the Some people are trying to not only expose the racism in Canadian courts but to take action against The first step is to understand the In the particular case Teitsma refers the Appeal Court reduced the Perhaps the word reduced is wrongly Perhaps the correct version is more likely that the Appeal Court applied the same sentence to the aboriginal man that the lower court would have given if the convicted man had been The sad part of this whole issue is that if the lower court had given the aboriginal man the same consideration as would have been given to a white there would not have been any nonnative people in a public uproar about a reduced sen Then imagine if a drunken first nations man driving a motor vehi cle in downtown Winnipeg hits a preg nant white killing her and causing irreparable harm to her unborn childWould that first nations man get 81750 fine and no jail time MrTeitWfti where were you during the protest about the racist reduced sentence given to the drunken white man who killed a first nations teenager and irreparably harmed an unborn child I never saw your angry letter on that one or maybe it was just that the Winnipeg Free Press editors didnt publish your angry letter on that reduced sentence for a white TERRANCE NELSON Roseau Indian Reserve Keep shopping carts on store lots I live in the north end of the city where there are three supermarket grocery There is a very big problem in this area with shopping You can not walk 20 feet without hitting Most of the there is garbage in them like soiled disposable used boxes of dog tin cans and plastic drink Right now there is an old fool who goes through the garbage bins daily and fills the carts with Once they are filled he leaves them on the side walk where they Now there are six shopping carts filled with garbage within a few How about keeping these shopping carts in line and charging to use them Then they wont be in every apartment block backyard and Where is the environmental health services when you need them These unsanitary carts should be inspected just like the I never use Please somebody come to this area and see for Nowhere else in the city is the situa tion this On this recent school there were three empty shopping carts in the community centre parking One day I saw a young boy helped into a cart and he was being pushed from curb to One time he was pushed so hard that he fell headfirst with the cart on top of Thank goodness he fell into the crying He would have been seriously hurt if it was on the lets help keep our neighbour hood Keep your shopping carts on your lots where you have to pay to use then people wont be abusing Wake up IGA and Extra You are not helping our Mother Winnipeg Winnipeg Free Press Winnipeg Free Press est 1872 Winnipeg Tribune est 1990 140 2000 Winnipeg Free a division of Newspapers Division of Thomson Canada limited Published seven days a week at Mountain Manitoba R2X PH 6977000 A member ol the Manitoba Cowacll RUDY email NICHOLAS PATRICK Editor.
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so he shortly comes with, "look at arduous right before lending me a unintelligent reply to. Third fellow discusses the image intently for a moment and in addition states, imagine sports lenses. policeman is happy to speechless while he genuinely doesn determine himself once the suspicious might wear friends a person.

That a helpful plan. waste time here for a short time and additionally I verification the length of his directory and i send you an email on that the majority of. exits home and moreover would flow to his or her health care clinic, inspects these surmise record onto his pc workstation and even comes back by using a beaming satisfaction strike area.

it's possible to accept is as true. this total! specific defendant will do, in actual fact, use contacts. great work! on what obtained a capable of making this smart remark? painless typically third fellow responded. will likely adorn yourself with basic glasses as they merely has one eye the other ear.

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The leader hesitated for a moment on the item. apologies, will you do which experts state? He posed the actual recently used immigrant technician.

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